Small Victory

I weighed my biggest and fullest suitcase today (we weighed my dad first, had him hold my suitcase and subtracted) and I am a whopping 20 pounds under Egyptair's 70 pound weight limit.

Delta has a reciprocal agreement with Egyptair, and since both flights are on the same ticket I get to take two bags instead of one on my Delta connecting flight (Dulles International to JFK) and I'm not bound by the 50 pound Delta weight limit either, also thanks to the reciprocal agreement.

My small luggage victory comes exactly two days after I realized that the large suitcase of my parents I was going to take does not stand up by itself anymore. Since I am going to have to be able to control what is essentially my bodyweight in luggage by myself, I can't afford to take a bag that topples over at the slightest provocation. My next biggest suitcase is only 24", and when I packed it it was clear that I needed a lot more space.

What commenced was a whirlwind tour of every store in central York County that carries luggage in an attempt to find the biggest and cheapest suitcase available.

Thanks to the Boscov's clerk who incorrectly rang a 20% discount through the register instead of only 5%, I got a 29 inch LMC upright spinner suitcase for $40.00. It only took five hours to find, too.


J & S said...

Nice! So are you going to try and fit more shoes in that new suitcase? :)

Kate said...

I might sneak another pair (or three) in. maybe.