My worst nightmare

I've spent most of the summer stressing about how I could possibly manage to pack two suitcases and a carry-on with all of things I want to take with me to Egypt.

This is because it takes (every time) two trips to move me in and out of the dorms at AU. Now, we only have sedans and I take a mini-fridge and bulky television set, but still. I have ALOT of stuff.

Not to mention my shoe collection. My horrors at only being able to take one pair each of brown and black flats, one pair of black pumps, and one pair of sneakers are numerous. I nearly cried when I sorted through my shoes this morning and mournfully lined up all the lovely pairs that I won't see for nearly a year.

Luckily my sister's foot is half a size smaller than mine, but she did just gain access to a 3/4 full closet of spring and summer clothes and trunks full of sweaters, if she can bring herself to wear my "weird" things.

I started a test pack in the light-weight suitcase my Aunt Sandy and Uncle Jake let me borrow (thanks!). I folded initially and then took a ruler and measured how much room the folded clothes took up, and then I unpacked and started rolling. Rolling won by about an inch. I really don't have time to be that obsessive compulsive, but I'm on track to have maybe some extra space if my suitcases aren't overweight.

I've solved my shoe problem, but I've left the worst for last: jewelry.

I have to pare down my three jewelry boxes to one very small travel jewelry case.

Umm, help?

(Disclaimer: my mother decorated my room when I was two. I had nothing to do with the explosion of pink.)

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Christine said...

Hi! Christine here, I missed reading your writing, and I'm completely positive you can fit more jewelry than that, gladware for the win.