Ramadan Savings Time?

This morning I got up early to pack my bags because of the big move to the Heliopolis Hotels (which is unfolding in what I'm coming to understand is a completely typical, totally disorganized fashion). I managed successfully to put everything (kind of) back where it came from and the good news is all the suitcases still zipped.

I had my usual breakfast of toast and omelette and was sitting in the cafeteria absentmindedly reviewing my new vocabulary, watching the clock to get ready to go outside to board the shuttle to the old campus for my class while my friend ate his interesting sausage and vegetable mixture.

One of the boys stopped by the table and said, hey, you guys know what time it is, right?

We said of course, 12:10. He told us to look up at the clock, which actually read 11:10.

Apparently, in preparation for the start of Ramadan, all the clocks in Egypt moved up one hour last night and nobody bothered to tell us!

I thought he was kidding, but he checked with an RA. Five minutes after I found out I got a phone call from Mr. Youssef, my survival Arabic teacher, telling me the exact same thing.

I went back upstairs to wile away my extra hour (which I would have rather spent sleeping) and nearly gave Kelly a heart attack when I walked through the door, because she thought I was already on my way to Tahrir.

This whole experience just keeps getting more and more interesting.

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marooned84 said...

isn't it silly to have "winter" daytime saving in the middle of summer?
I wish (and almost everybody wish) they would cancel it, but they just don't!