Eid Al Adha

...means a whole week of no classes and a whole lot of traveling for me.

We're going in the opposite direction of the hajj to visit Luxor, Aswan, and Abu Simbel.

My flight to Aswan leaves at 10:20 tomorrow night (bus/train tickets all sold out really early, unfortunately).

Monday night I embark on a Nile Cruise (Kelly and Tommy are taking a felucca, my friend Savannah is joining me on a boat that provides beds and bathrooms instead of just planks and blankets).

Wednesday we arrive in Luxor and Thursday night we return to Cairo via sleeper car.

It'll be a great time...even though I have textbooks stuffed in my backpack instead of novels so I can learn everything there is to know about comparative politics for my comprehensive final for which the professor (who taught us nothing all semester) refused to provide a review sheet. oh, and it counts for 40% of my total grade which counts for my GPA. but, as they say in Cairo, ma'alish!

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