Looking Ahead...

Today is November 26. I am now exactly thirty days away from landing back in the good old US of A. I am eight days away from my trip to Luxor and Aswan and twenty four days away from Istanbul. Can you tell we’re all excited to leave? These are the things I am most looking forward to once I return:

1) My Dad’s family’s Christmas in Pittsburgh (I might be missing the Dittenhafer Christmas AND actual Christmas, but I can still get one in!)

2) January 20, 2009. I’m going to be one of those four million crazy people freezing on the Mall.

3) I actually already have concert tickets: the Killers are playing George Mason on the 28th. And, thanks to Mike, we have a transportation plan that does not involve trying to hail a taxi in Fairfax, Virginia at 2 A.M.

4) Steak.

5) My shoes. And jewelry. And clothing that doesn’t make me feel /look like a vagabond. I’m trashing the baggy pants.

6) Washing machines that actually work. Swishing my clothes around by hand in the sink=clothing that is still very very dirty even after its “washed.”

7) Walking across Massachusetts Avenue to get to class vs. Walking across Abou Feda Street to get to the bus that will take an hour to get me to class and one and a half to two hours to get me back from class. The other day I realized that on the worst traffic filled days, my commute would be comparable to me actually going home every night to Pennsylvania after my classes finished in DC. One of my roommates freaks out every time she thinks about the fifteen hours plus per week we spend on the bus. Riding it is like a part-time job that slowly sucks your soul away.

8) Liking school again. It’s hard to hate something that I usually love.

9) Discussing literature (!) with my sister who actually started reading good books.

10) Franz Ferdinand’s third album comes out in January!

11) Last but not least: seeing all of my fabulous friends and family again. And having a cell phone that allows me to call them whenever I want to instead of being dependent on internet access.

12) Oh right, I forgot: having regular internet access with huge amounts of bandwidth that allows me to do whatever I want to do online. Like upload pictures/watch tv shows/read msnbc.com. That would be great.

13) Oh, and TV. I miss TV. I am usually a TV junkie. When I had a TV in the hotels I was subject to terrible, awful horrible bad nineties shows like La Femme Nikita and cheesy eighties movies. My housing when I go back offers three channels of HBO and a hundred other channels that I will be free to watch to my heart’s content. And cable news! I cannot tell you how much I miss MSNBC and how much I am looking forward to watching Rachel Maddow’s new show. (Well, new to me!).

Okay, this is getting ridiculous. I will be seeing all of you soon!

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Renee said...

It just won't be the same being packed into my parents house with both you AND John not there... What will Jenna and I do to entertain ourselves... we usually picked on you two!

BTW the "secret word" to post this is "stagg." I don't know why I find that funny.