Astonishingly I Actually Have Schoolwork...

Today (Sunday): Submit 10 page paper about the history of Lebanon from a Shi'a perspective (written this weekend, fueled by Turkish coffee and Shirley Temples made with Lebanese grenadine. I know that I am kind of ten years old, but they're tasty.)

Monday: Colloquial Arabic Midterm (an oral examination, unfortunately)

Tuesday: Submit an as yet un-started 3,000 word paper on the 2003 Iraq War. No sweat. seriously.

Tuesday night into Wednesday morning: ELECTION PARTY. complete with pancakes and blueberry jam. I hope this one gets called early for my sanity/sleep/the possibility of attending classes on Wednesday.

Thursday: Societies and Cultures of the Ancient Near East Midterm (with semi-prepared essay about the ideology of Mesopotamian kingship. ugh.)

Hopefully I'll have something more substantial to say this weekend after I sleep for 24 hours straight.

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Anonymous said...

Salaam Aleikum!,
Keifik? I am having an interesting time looking at your blog entries. I was thinking of going to AUC also in the future, and I wondered if you could give me a run-down of how you are feeling about it in general, academics, language learning, etc. Whenever you get a chance cause I see you are crazy busy right now. The sexual harassment stuff is kinda freaking me out a little bit...I wish you the best of luck! :) :)

-Cassandra A (ca8003a@student.american.edu)
(I was in your Honors 101 group)